G2X Energy is committed to converting abundant supplies of low-cost natural gas into higher value transportation fuels. Starting in the United States, G2X Energy will create high-paying domestic jobs and help secure the nation’s energy future.

In the U.S. alone, there are sufficient natural gas resources to eliminate oil imports for the next 30 years using clean, safe and commercially proven technologies. The opportunity that exists within the U.S. can be leveraged in other countries where abundant sources of low-cost natural gas co-exist with a growing demand for gasoline.

Reshaping the Future

We are a proven team, using proven technologies to maximize the value of proven domestic gas resources in a way that will fundamentally alter the nation’s energy and economic future. While many approaches to using natural gas will benefit U.S. consumers, we believe that the G2X Energy approach is the best option for capitalizing on the shale gas boom to create value for natural gas producers and consumers while promoting U.S. job creation and energy independence. With more than a combined 30-year record of success in starting, capitalizing and building businesses, our leadership team is adept at recognizing and acting on opportunity.

Visit the G2X Energy booth at Platts 19th Annual Central American Energy Conference in Panama City on June 16-17

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