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Applications for Methanol

Methanol is crucial for the production of many commercial and industrial products. Methanol is also emerging as a clean fuel alternative.

Conventional Methanol

Methanol, the simplest of alcohols, is the feedstock for a variety of essential chemical derivatives such as formaldehyde, acetic acid and olefins. In this way, methanol is the chemical building block for which a variety of industrial and commercial applications surrounding everyday life are produced, including plastics, resins, paint, refrigerants, synthetic fibers, adhesives and many other consumer products.

Emerging Methanol Applications

Methanol is emerging as an environmentally friendly fuel alternative to gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil. Methanol is a clean-burning and biodegradable fuel suitable for use in automobiles, marine vessels, and electric power turbines and engines.

Methanol for Power Generation

Methanol is an attractive environmentally friendly alternative fuel for power generation. Methanol offers a clean, competitive and proven solution for remote locations without access to natural gas.

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Methanol in Automotive Fuel

As environmental standards become more stringent and the amount of technology needed for gasoline and diesel fueled automobiles to become environmentally compliant increases, alternative fuels are becoming more attractive.

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Methanol to Gasoline

The Methanol-to-Gasoline ("MTG") process converts methanol into fully “drop-in” high octane automotive gasoline that can either be blended with conventionally derived refinery gasoline or used directly as a finished product.

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Methanol as Marine Fuel

The International Maritime Organization ("IMO") produces international air pollution standards that will in the upcoming years become increasingly stringent for coastal areas also known as the Emission Control Areas ("ECAs").

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Methanol for DME Fuel

Methanol dehydration in the presence of a catalyst results in dimethyl ether ("DME"). DME has better combustion quality than diesel and this provides higher efficiency, better mileage and reduced emissions.

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Methanol for Biodiesel Fuel

The Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") sets the renewable fuel standards for automobiles and is increasing the amount of biofuels that must be blended into gasoline and diesel fuel.

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