Methanol as feedstock for di-methyl-ether (DME) fuel

Methanol dehydration in the presence of a catalyst results in dimethyl ether ("DME"). DME has better combustion quality than diesel and this provides higher efficiency, better mileage and reduced emissions.

Clean Fuel

DME meets EPA vehicle emission standards as a clean-burning fuel with no particulate matter, no SOx and minimal NOx emissions.


DME is price competitive with diesel. Replacing diesel with DME increases the engine efficiency and eliminates the need for after-treatment equipment and maintenance associated with diesel fuels.


Oberon fuels is paving the way for DME in the transportation industry. DME is an ASTM D7901 compliant fuel and an approved alternative fuel in all fifty states and Canada. In 2013, the Oberon pilot plant in Brawley, California produced the first fuel-grade DME in North America.

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