Clean Fuel for Power Generation

Methanol is an attractive environmentally friendly alternative fuel for power generation. Methanol offers a clean, competitive and proven solution for remote locations without access to natural gas.

Clean Fuel

Methanol is a sulfur free fuel with zero SOx emissions, low particulate matter and low NOx emissions. Methanol is a clean burning fuel, ideal for power generation in areas that do not want to disrupt the natural beauty with a smoke filled landscape.


Only minor capital expenditures are required to upgrade an existing or new power plant to run on methanol. Furthermore, plant performance and operating costs are equal or better when fueled by methanol as compared to other clean fuels.


In 2014, DOR Chemicals, along with Israel Electric Corporation, completed the conversion of a fuel oil #2 powered gas turbine at the Eilat Power Plant in Israel to run on methanol. The fuel oil fueled power plant required minimal and easy upgrades to be able to operate under dual fuel (including methanol) conditions. Results indicate that methanol is an attractive low cost alternative fuel to reduce emissions without any negative impacts on performance. Numerous studies and tests performed by top turbine and engine manufacturers have concluded the same.

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