Our Value

Advances in hydraulic fracturing and other natural gas production technologies have reshaped the North American energy landscape by providing an abundant, low-cost and long-term source of clean natural gas.

The shale gas revolution has dramatically expanded U.S. natural gas reserves and driven prices to their lowest levels in 10 years. By converting abundant natural gas into drop-in transportation fuels, G2X Energy offers a higher-value option for natural gas producers and secure, economically priced products for consumers. Tapping the “shale gas dividend” to help supply the U.S.’s nine million barrel per day market for gasoline offers a unique opportunity to chart a future of energy security and job growth for generations to come. G2X Energy has the right technologies, people and expertise to pioneer this new future.

Making the Most of Available Resources

The U.S. depends on imports for more than 60 percent of its petroleum requirements. Political instability in many of the world’s oil-producing regions, coupled with increased demand for transportation fuels from developing nations like China and India, has driven prices to near record levels and heightened concerns about the security of U.S. energy supplies.

G2X Energy can help move the U.S. from a state of energy dependence toward self-sufficiency that can eliminate the economic and political risks associated with oil imports. Through the use of proven and in some cases proprietary processes, the gas reserves already discovered could produce enough liquid fuel to displace U.S. oil imports for the next 30 years. Our technologies are clean, safe, commercially proven and available today. The fuels derived from our technologies can be used in existing vehicles and can be distributed by infrastructure that is already in place.

G2X Energy offers an intelligent and high-value use of the U.S.’s precious resources to improve the future for natural gas producers, consumers and the nation as a whole.