Company Profile

G2X Energy is dedicated to converting abundant, low-cost natural gas resources into liquid fuels. With a huge potential market, the ability to solve many of the U.S.’s energy challenges, and a leadership team that is experienced in acting on opportunities, we are well positioned for growth and success.

Our technologies are licensed from several leading global energy engineering firms including ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company. Our process is clean, safe, cost-effective and a good fit for today’s shale gas market. Significantly smaller in size and cost than facilities utilizing Fischer-Tropsch technology, the primary alternative technology, our plants can be financed and built at a fraction of the time and capital investment. We offer a near-term solution that is available and commercially viable today.

Experienced Leaders and Partners

Our leadership team has more than a 30-year history of successfully starting, financing – through private and public capital markets – and operating energy process companies around the world. We have forged several important strategic relationships with proven experts in their respective fields to complement our internal capabilities.

  • Proman Group, a world leader in building and operating methanol plants, is an investor in G2X Energy as well as a strategic partner that will contribute important development, construction and operational capabilities.
  • Our beneficial owners include some of the leading financial institutions focused on the energy sector including Goldman Sachs, Altira Group and Technology Partners.