The U.S. transportation fuels market, totaling over twenty million barrels per day, nine of which are gasoline, represents virtually unlimited opportunity for clean products derived from natural gas.

Commercially funded and economically viable, G2X Energy can produce affordable fuels for customers and attractive returns for investors at a wide range of natural gas and crude oil prices.

Project Financing

Through extensive work with leading global financial institutions, we believe that project debt financing is available for G2X Energy projects across a number of credit markets at very attractive terms. All of the elements needed to secure project debt and reduce the all-in cost of capital are readily available. Specific risk mitigants include:

  • Process guarantees from the technology licensors
  • Construction guarantees from a world-class contractor (See Proman Group under “Partners.”)
  • Plants designed with best-available control technologies to reduce environmental footprint
  • Appropriate commodity price risk mitigants against feedstock (natural gas) and product proxies (e.g. Brent)
  • Strong site selection process to reduce product market and logistics risk